Covid-19 Info Center

March 13, 2020

Visiting Student Program update

To all Department Heads and Visiting Student Administrators,

I am sure that you all have seen the announcement from President Reif about MIT’s updated response to Covid-19. We wanted to provide you with an update regarding the Visiting Student Program.

  • Visiting students currently on campus: These students should follow the same guidance provided to graduate students regarding housing, including that those living in MIT residence halls can remain on-campus. As your department, lab, or center may be moving to more remote operations, the student should be in contact with their MIT host to determine if that is possible for them to do as well. If the conditions of a student’s program change or a student decides to depart earlier than his/her current program end date, the student should contact Ashlee Andrews ( or Megumi Wang ( in the International Students Office.
  • Visiting students with program start dates from now until May 31: All visiting students who have not started their Visiting Student Program should defer their program dates until at least June 1, 2020. Each host department will need to determine new program dates for the visiting students that they are hosting and please notify the International Students Office of these new dates. Given the dynamic nature of this situation, an additional deferment of the start date may become necessary depending on circumstances close to the start date. If any students have already received their Form DS-2019, please contact Ashlee in the International Students Office to request a new Form DS-2019 with the updated program dates.

Visiting student administrators: Could you please share this information with any faculty member who is currently hosting a visiting student or is due to have a visiting student arrive soon?

If and when we receive additional information, we will be sure to update you on any changes to the Visiting Student Program. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes,

Ashlee Andrews
Visiting Student Program Manager 
MIT International Students Office