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June 14, 2020

Phase 1 research ramp-up go-live information

Dear DLC Heads,

As I have communicated previously, we will begin Phase 1 of the research ramp-up on Monday, June 15, at 8 a.m. In preparation, please distribute this message to PIs and core facilities leaders to share with their groups.

The Covid Access System is now available for use by department, lab, and center (DLC) staff who are invited to return to campus as part of Phase 1. DLC staff who have been approved and trained to use the system may now load Research Ramp-Up Planning Exercise B spreadsheets submitted by PIs and core facilities leaders and approved by their department heads.

Once an upload is confirmed, the system will automatically send a “Return to campus” email to those identified by the PI or core facility director as staff who may be interested in returning to campus to continue research activities. The PI or facility director is also copied on this “Return to campus” email.

The email contains a link that guides recipients to complete requirements for access to campus using the Covid Pass. These requirements include:

  • Signing a form acknowledging risks of return and requirements to be on campus.
  • Completing the required EHS training.
  • Completing a daily health attestation.

It is important to note that staff need to complete a daily health attestation each day they plan to come to campus; the pass expires after 25 hours. It is advised that staff do this before leaving home.

During this phase, the decision to return to campus is fully voluntary for individuals who have not been designated by MIT as essential employees. No action will be taken against any individual who decides for any reason that they do not wish to return to campus at this time. While the individual’s PI/supervisor will receive an email confirming their decision in order to make necessary changes to their lab plans, all PIs/supervisors have been instructed not to question the decision or take any action that could be perceived as retaliatory. See FAQs on returning to campus.

Starting on Monday, June 15, those who have completed all of the above requirements for returning to campus and who have received a valid Covid Pass will be able to access the buildings that were identified as needed for their campus work and approved through the planning exercises.

These buildings will be accessible only through specific access points that have card readers tied to the Covid Access System. All normal building exits will remain functional and usable. Do not provide building access to anyone who has not been authorized to return or has not completed the requirements to return.

Importantly, an individual’s designated building(s) determines which access points are active for their MIT ID card. As indicated on this map, the MIT campus has been divided into “access clusters.” Any access point within a cluster can be used by an individual who is designated to be in any building within that cluster. Access points to other clusters will not be active for that MIT ID card. See more information about access points, access clusters, and what an individual should do if they are experiencing access problems.

PIs and directors should plan campus staffing returns based on their ability to meet the EHS standards. The health and safety of all our personnel is our priority. PIs and directors are expected to develop appropriate protocols to ensure that their teams are adhering to Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) standards for campus activity, as outlined in the EHS training course. Supplies, face coverings, and personal protective equipment (PPE) will be provided by MIT to meet these expectations and are available through the MIT Covid-19 Store. Designated DLC representatives have been given authorization to order from the store.

Importantly, DLC heads and PIs will need to consider in their planning that it may take a few days to review and fully implement the processes with their group, to implement DLC signage, and to procure needed supplies through the MIT Covid-19 Store and distribute to labs as needed. PIs and directors should also make sure to review the guidance on the use of common spaces with their group before their teams return to campus. We expect that these final stages of preparation will occur in the first few days of next week.

I want to thank all of the faculty and staff who have made this return possible, including those serving on the various planning committees and all of the faculty and staff in DLCs who have worked tirelessly to implement the decisions.

Warm regards,

Maria T. Zuber
Vice President for Research

Guidance links

Returning to work on campus FAQs
MIT Human Resources Covid-19 Guidance for Employees
MIT Medical Covid-19 guidance
VPR Covid-19 guidance

Building access

Research building access points map
Resolving building access issues:

  • Make sure that you are trying to enter through an access point rather than another exterior door.
  • Have you completed your “back to campus” forms? Go to
  • Have you completed your daily health attestation? Go to
  • Make sure that you are designated for the appropriate building(s): contact your PI or DLC AO.
  • If you have a valid Covid Pass and appropriate building designation and are still having trouble: email

Covid Access System and Covid Pass

  • Having technical issues with the Covid Access System or Covid Pass? Email
  • Need a training refresher on the Covid Access System? Review this Quick Card or training video.
  • Need information on using the Covid Pass? Review this training video.

Research ramp-up process questions and concerns