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April 4, 2020

Graduate students: Student Success Coaching Program

Dear graduating students,

I hope this note finds you and those you love well and safe.

This spring, I imagine you are focused on the completion of remaining tasks in order to graduate in May. I know that this is a stressful time, full of uncertainty in many aspects of your life, and the ground may feel a bit less solid under your feet. All students are impacted, and the Institute is taking steps to make sure that there is a broad net of support for everyone.

For those graduate students who are not graduating, a new Student Success Coaching Program is launching. This program will match dedicated MIT staff members with students to assist with a successful transition to online learning and support environments, and to keep them “connected to the Infinite.” 

Those of you who are finishing your degree programs are likely to have different and more specific needs, which are better addressed on an individual basis. Please know that we -- both individual administrators, and the Institute as a whole -- are committed to your success and to supporting your on-time degree completion.

For any of your needs, please reach out to OGE GradSupport, or to your graduate administrator or graduate officer. We are here for you in this final stretch and are holding you close in our thoughts!

Warm regards,

Blanche Staton
Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Education