Covid-19 Info Center

April 3, 2020

Academic contingency planning

Dear Colleagues,

In this time of extraordinary challenges and uncertainty, we would like to suggest the following to ensure continuity in our academic programs.

  • We urge you to identify a backup person or persons to cover the responsibilities of key individuals in your department in the event that someone is unable to work for a time due to illness.
  • If possible, each instructor of undergraduate and graduate courses should arrange for a colleague to be prepared to cover their classes should they be required to miss time due to illness.
  • Stellar class websites provide an efficient vehicle to communicate with all students registered in a class via email. Instructors should ensure that one or more colleagues have administrator-level access to their Stellar websites. 
  • In the event that later in the semester a subject cannot continue (e.g., the instructor becomes ill and backup is not possible), a department or program head may make a request to the Chair of the Faculty that full credit for the subject be awarded, with PE/NE grades submitted based on work completed to that point.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any comments or questions.


Rick Danheiser
A. C. Cope Professor